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EMS - Electro Muscular Stimulation

Build muscle & improve athletic performance

EMS training stimulates your muscle fibres like never before, improving strength, speed and endurance.

Pre and post pregnancy fitness

EMS training can be specifically tailored to help you tone up, regain your pre pregnancy shape and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Weight loss & toning

EMS workouts burns a high number of calories, helping boost your metabolism in one 30-minutes session.

Exercise with busy schedule

Being too busy to exercise is a common complaint but, thanks to EMS training, now everyone has time for the body they want.

Rehab training

EMS can reduce pain and rebuild strength by directly targeting the muscles around the joints, even amongst deep-seated muscles that can be harder to train with regular exercise.

Find An Exercise Routine you love

Not everyone likes to exercise and it’s easy to become bored when you’re doing somthing you don’t enjoy. EMS will get you don’t enjoy. EMS will get you hooked fast, with maximum results in minimum time.

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Our Best Trainers


Hubert Aguilar

Zumba Trainer


Aslan Lineker

Aerobics Trainer


Thelma Love

Pilates Trainer


Linda Mcmahon

Physical Trainer

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Fee Structure

3 Months

$ 1500

6 Months

$ 2500

12 Months

$ 5000

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    Aerobic Exercises
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    Upper Back Exercises
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    Glute Workouts
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    Chest Exercises
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